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Wednesday April 22nd 2020

First I want to say that the Bay Area dance community has my whole entire heart and I know that if it’s anyone that I can turn to for help, hands down it’s the good people in the Bay.

Setting up this gofundme campaign is especially difficult because I know that this is hard times for everyone, as we ALL are in dire need of assistance. When quarantine and shelter in place was first mandatory for us, my initial thoughts were, hmm well maybe this will only last for a few weeks. And during those first few weeks we graciously received monetary donations from so many, and was so very appreciative. But as we all know, those few weeks became well over a month and potentially could go on for much longer. During that time, we also applied for EDIL and PPP which is something the US Government set up for small businesses but in my eyes turned out to be false hope. (Side note, this government already makes it very difficult start a business. And like salt on an open wound, they give you false hope by announcing a huge budget to help save “small businesses” only to be shut out before you even can submit an application. ). The Oakland Small Business Emergency Grant also denied us, stating they were prioritizing extremely low income small business owners, which I thought we were haha! Thankfully some big bills we had such as insurance, and utilities have been deferred. Rent has been deferred as well, however all that eventually will have to be paid back. My worry is we won’t be able to.

That is why we came to the last option of turning to our community for assistance. Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover rent and expenses for the next few months in hopes that we will be ready to stay in business when quarantine is lifted.

However, I have also came new a realization that meeting our monetary goal isn’t the only thing that is necessary. We need to realize that social distancing is and will be the new norm for a while. And until it is lifted, we won’t be able to dance and take class like how we used to. That means we won’t be sweaty and in a studio full of students anymore. That means that taking a dance class is taking it virtually and that’s the only way. If we want studios to still be open when social distancing is over with, then please realize, WE NEED TO TAKE CLASS. It is more important than ever.

If you’re an aspiring dancer who wants to train, now is the time to take advantage of your free time and train. Take from teachers whom you normally wouldn’t be able to. Everyone is teaching virtually right now! Some classes are even for free. Teachers: if you have yet to teach a class online I urge you to start back at it now. Everyone has Instagram, hop onto your live story and teach. Directors of teams; I urge you to continue to host rehearsals virtually, challenge your dancers to be creative and think of new things to do while we are in this predicament. Don’t stay stagnant.

Dance needs everyone’s support more than ever. I will say this again, if we want studios to stay open after Covid-19 is done, we need to support each other more than ever: take more classes, teach more classes, continue to share your passion, and inspire others to do the same.

To all the Bay Area dance studios, city dance studios, full out studios, On One studios, Purdance, Montage, Redefined, new style motherlode, Bliss dance arts, Chapkis dance, Movement Studios, MoveMe studios, Mission Dance, WSPA, RAE, the list goes on, Please, stay vigilant keep pushing and keep providing. We need you and the community needs us. Keep the passion alive so we can last thru this.

We Thank you again everyone for your continued support, you don’t know how much it means to us. We’re just doing what we love to do, and we hope that we can remain doing this for a little longer 🙏🏻

Much love and respect
Daniel Kang and Leslie Panitchpakdi
In the groove studios