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All class cards purchased prior to covid will be accepted all the way until end of 2020, any remaining class passes will be deemed invalid after 2020

 BC (before covid) class cards are valid for all outdoor classes.  Our outdoor classes have a bigger allotment so you wont need to reserve a spot!

BC class cards will not be valid for indoor classes unless there is an available space at the start of the class.  So, if the class is not full and there is room, we will honor BC class cards.  

You wont be able to reserve a spot for indoor classes with a BC Class card.  But you can check in and see what the availability is like.  Just email / dm / call us anytime!

We thank you so much for your patience and hope that you understand our extremely difficult situation.  

Wednesday August 5th 2020

Id like to update you all since our last post and the Gofundme campaign we started in April.  After only two weeks of it being active, we reached our goal of a 

little over 23k!! Words cannot express how thankful and appreciated we were.  Just knowing that our community wants us to remain open is such an 

incredible feeling, we are overwhelmed with love.  

We are still here!  We were able to pay rent, utilities and insurance for the months of April, May, June and July.  However, who would have thought we would still be in this phase of the pandemic?  Im sure no one.  Dance studios are in danger of closing forever, and unfortunately, some already have.  Taking classes virtually is definitely still a great option, but we have realized that has also been a hardship since our instructors have the ability to host their own virtual classes.  

We are exploring the option of outdoor classes!  It has been GREAT, seeing people again, dancing next to people (within 6 feet of course) and just sharing energy again is what we needed.  It is awesome.  However we dont have a privately owned lot or a rooftop we can be at so we have been going to public spaces and just hoping that class can go as planned.  We cannot charge a rate since it is a public space, so we accept donations and that has been pretty good but not to the point where we can pay rent and our expenses.  

So we are at this stage of uncertainty.  Uncertain of when we can open back up, uncertain if people will even want to come to dance when we do open back up, and uncertain of our future.  We are doing what we can to stay positive and stay open.  

If you are reading this, please continue to support dance studios in the bay, donate if you can, take their classes, spread the word.  Were in danger and theres no other way to put it to be frank.  The gofundme campaign will remain up until this all ends.  Thank you all so much for your support.  

Much love and respect
Daniel Kang and Leslie Panitchpakdi
In the groove studios